About us

BMSCREATIONS was established with one goal: to provide a professional home improvement service in a convenient, affordable & reliable manner which we strive to provide to our customers! When you are happy with the results, so are we.

We specialise in , interior & custom design and can structure our services to meet the specific needs of our customers. Whatever type of property you live in (house, studio, apartment, unit, etc) our reliable and experienced staff will give your home the proper care and attention that it deserves!

Our History

BMSCREATIONS was founded by Basil Simitsis in May 2001, shortly after completing his Diploma in Interior and Architectural Design in Europe. Basil migrated to Australia in 2008, bringing along his reputable home improvement services to Melbourne.  Basil quickly built his company’s reputation for excellence in customer service, attention to detail, honesty and hard work.  Find out for yourself why BMSCREATIONS has become so popular and request a free quote today!


-Custom & interior design-

Custom & interior design

At BMSCREATIONS, we understand that traditional 'one size fits all' housing design no longer applies.

Global trends such as the increasing density of cities and repurposing of existing urban sites for residential use, combined with increasingly sophisticated buyers, makes individualised design a necessity.

Working in partnership with developers, we help create distinctive concepts that apply consistent design thinking across all touch points of the project – Custom design, interior design, landscaping.

Benefits of using a Interior designer:

  • Consulting with a interior designer is not about imposing ideas and personal taste onto a client. It is about client and designer coming together to create a unique space. Its about helping the client develop their vision while analysing their design requirements. In the end creating a flexible, functional environment that optimizes your space and relates to your clientele, business, image and location.
  • Interior design consultants can visualize the overall project and illustrate the effects before they are actually executed. This is the primary reason why designers can save you time and money.
  • Interior design consultants have an understanding of the specialized needs of a client. Helping clients develop concepts that transform their spaces into an environment that has a unified look. Working together to create a total environment that is inviting to clientele and employees.